10 Years Fraunhofer Alliance Food Chain Management


Date: 13th of November 2017

Location: Fraunhofer-Headquarter, Hansastraße 27c, 80686 Munich, Germany

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10:40 Registration  
  The event is moderated by Norbert Reichl, General Manager Food-Processing Initiative e.V.
11:00 Welcome Adress and Introduction
  •  Dr. Alexander Roth, Director Technology Marketing of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofman, Director Supervisory Board of EIT Food, Senior Vice President Research and Innovation of Technische Universität München:
    EIT Food - A new pan-European partnership for sustainable supply chains from resources to consumers
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Bücking, Managing Director Fraunhofer Food Chain Management Alliance/Monash University, AUS: Introduction
11:45 Session I - Cosumer Focus: Reliably deliver safe food of high quality customized to consumer needs
  • Dr. Matthias Kotthoff, Fraunhofer IME: Radiokitchen – Unravelling process borne ingredients towards increased consumer safety
  • Dr. Matthias Reinelt, Fraunhofer IVV: Predictive shelf life modells for future food distribution chains
12:30 Lunch Break  
13:30 Session II – Ressource Efficiency: Optimize processes and prevent losses in the food chain
  • Dairy Session: Ideas for sustainable dairy processing

- Piet Verburg, Fa. C. van’t Riet, Dr. Ana-Lucia Vasquez, IGB: Integrated approach to reduce water and energy in the dairy industry by the introduction of novel processing technologies


- Josef Robert, Fraunhofer UMSICHT: Sustainable milk processing in dairy industries

  • Jan-Kees Boerman, CEO of Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) BV, Netherlands: Preventing food loss in fruit storages
  • Dr. Stefan Gerth, Fraunhofer IIS: Computed Tomography for plant phenotyping - Enlighten the hidden half for sustainable plant breeding
14:30 Short Break  
14:45 Session III – Transparency and Trust: Enable informed, better decisions
  • Henning Schulte, Fraunhofer IOSB: Proving of food characteristics by the usage of multiple spectral-sensors
  • Dr. Malte Rubach, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten, Christiane Auffermann, Fraunhofer IML: Track it – Don`t waste it! – How consumers can close the information gap (and safe food) with Logistics 4.0!
  • Dr. Heinrich Grüger, Fraunhofer IPMS: Development of MEMS based spectroscopic systems dedicated to increase transparency and trust in the food chain
15:45 Coffee Break  
16:00 Session IV: Discussion  
  Prof. Dr. Reiner Wittkowski; Vice-President  Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR:
  Open Discussion, Closing Remarks
17:00 End of the Event