A New Name

The Fraunhofer Food Chain Management Alliance has a new name!

Since June 2021, we have become the "Fraunhofer Agriculture and Food Industry Alliance".

However, you will notice that not much has changed. You will still find us at the same address as before (www.fcm.fraunhofer.de) and from 2022 also at: www.food.fraunhofer.de.


What's behind it?

Since the foundation in 2008, our ambition was to offer solutions for questions in the entire food chain (Food Chain Management). The main areas of focus were food analysis/processing, microsystems technology and logistics.

But the world is changing and new challenges are emerging. Not only global warming, but also sustainable food production, digitalization in agriculture and new marketing models are playing an increasingly important role.

Therefore, we need to broaden our focus and no longer just see the individual food chain, but think much bigger and also include upstream and downstream areas such as agriculture or utilization networks.


Welcome to the homepage of the Fraunhofer Agriculture and Food Industry Alliance

The High Price of Food

Businesses within the food industry are facing significant difficulties. In an age of global trade, ensuring food security is a great challenge. continue reading...

At Fraunhofer, we develop innovative approaches in food security, microelectronics and logistics that can be easily integrated into the whole food supply chain, ensuring the highest possible added value at low cost. continue reading...

The Fraunhofer Food Chain Management Alliance is your professional business partner in collecting recent scientific research and using it to develop products and solutions. continue reading…


Fraunhofer center for biogenic value creation and smart farming

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is planning a new center for biogenic value creation and smart farming in different locations in Bavaria and Mecklenburg- Vorpommern. The center is going to conduct research and development on innovative technologies for sustainable agriculture along the whole value chain...


»Cognitive Agriculture«

Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project »Cognitive Agriculture«, which brings productivity and sustainability of agricultural processes into harmony. Digitization as an opportunity for agriculture.



From Feed To Egg

Better estimation of overall burdens of humans, animals and the environmment by perfluoroalkyland polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Due to their unique properties perfluoroalkyl- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are widely utilised in specialty chemistry as well as in consumer products of any kind. The extreme stability of PFAS leads to their accumulation in the environment and organisms.



Campus of the Senses

Our interdisciplinary research field at IVV invites companies from all sectors to cooperate. In the future, digital systems will be used to simulate human sensory perception in all its complexity.

Campus of the Senses "is an initiative of Prof. Andrea Büttner, Head of Department of Fraunhofer IVV and Prof. Albert Heuberger, executive Director of Fraunhofer IIS.


A food lab on your phone

“Food scanner” is becoming a topic of common interest. The European Commission has recognized its relevance and provides funding for the development of the technologies required.

Fraunhofer IPMS filed a patent for a novel device that enables not only food analysis but as well access to quantity and nutrition facts.

Read more..

EIT Food: transformation towards a consumer-centric and resource-efficient food sector

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is one of its members. This KIC is a unique alliance of 50 leading companies, universities, and scientific partners developing new healthy and sustainable food products in Europe and beyond.

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Edible Innovations Food innovation and conflicting priorities between technological progress and consumer rejection

A summary of the most important research findings.

Read the White Paper in english.

The survey is only availabel in german.


Andrea Büttner

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Prof. Dr. Andrea Büttner

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Mark Bücking

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Dr. Mark Bücking

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Andreas Hengse

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Dr. Andreas Hengse


Fraunhofer Food Chain Management Alliance
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Astrid Mokesch-Michalovic

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Astrid Mokesch-Michalovic

Assistent Fraunhofer Lead Market Agricalture and Food

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