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Knowledge Plattform »Food Chain Browser«

Safe and high-quality food is becoming more and more important to con­sumers, making it an existential factor in competition among manufactur­ers and retailers. Existing analysis technology, however, is not in wide­spread use. The aim of the Food Chain Management research project is, therefore, to create an IT system that will provide information on require­ments and potential technology for use in the food chain.

Food manufacture – from raw products and main processing to the retailer – is a chain of many links and many different stopovers along the way. This results in complex re­quirements. A wide range of information must be transparently traceable and quality management must be guaranteed.

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Food is Precious

Food enterprises compete in a tough market environment. The safeguarding of secure and sustainable food becomes more and more challenging in times of complex global good flows. The customers seek safe and healthy food in good quality and at a favourable price. However, even today, about 30 percent of the global produced food is spoiled during transport. Emerging trends in the food sector target faster food supply times requiring highly efficient logistics for fast handling.

The increasing competition for land, climate change, and nutrition behaviour such as the increasing meat consumption, influence the food demand just as recent food trends have. These include convenience foods, functional food, gluten and lactose-free products, regionality, fair trade products, and foods for alternative nutrition forms (vegan, halal).

Having a major focus on the growing global population and rising environmental risks, approaches targeting sustainability and efficiency in food processing are of increasing importance. Concerns for responsible handling of the environment and its resources, as well as social justice, are frequently the focus of consumer and producer perspectives, shown by growing initiatives to reduce food waste.

Security, Quality, and Traceability are the Cornerstones of Food Chain Management.

Food chain management provides an ideal tool for ensured food quality and traceability. It considers the food chain from the primary production and trade, to the consumer as an integral process. Food chain management aims at the analysis and optimization of the involved processes.

By supplying traceability and transparency, food chain management avoids losses in the involved added-value steps. This is of high economic importance. The European food sector consists of about 310,000 companies (2011), 4.1 million jobs, and a sales volume of about 956.2 billion € (163 billion € in Germany; 2011), and as such, is the top European business field.

The Fraunhofer »Food Chain Management« Alliance: Your Comprehensive Contact Point and Problem Solver

The Fraunhofer alliance offers food chain management services for industrial partners, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as institutional investors on a national, Eeuropean and global level.

In joint projects cutting edge scientific know-how and innovative products come together. The goals of the co-operation are new approaches in food safety, microelectronics, and logistics, which can be easily integrated in the entire food chain to ensure a high value added at low cost.

Unique opportunities for new competencies and research development on both a technological and application oriented level emerge due to synergy of the involved disciplines. This achives a high level of consumer acceptance in relation to food security and quality.